Au revoir.

Sorry. I can't. Though it was.
It is not over.
So long.
Au revoir.

Living isn't quite the same
You said to me, it's runnin' away.
If you're scared or tired of what you're scared of
Why should you stay
You love to say goodbye
And always counted all the time
'til he was freeto get up and leave
to learn how to breathe

Slippin' out to have a cigarette
with someone else that he'd never met
Ask her if by the way would you like to
run away and try to forget

Just not to stay
To leave without saying why
To get up and go
To catch the last train
To get in some car and drive out again
To never come back this way
Left to say:
goodbye so long farewell au revoir
goodbye so long farewell au revoir